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Mind Over Chatter: The Wonder of Experimental Films (and why you should watch them)

  Hello, reader! It's Jay. Today, I come with the great news that we hadn't forgotten about this quaint little blog, we had just been prioritising some event planning (more news to come...) and our exams! Not only this though, as today, I am also going to be attempting what some may call the impossible; I'm going to be attempting to sell to you the wondrous world of experimental film. Yes - I know, I've probably lost some of you already, but, for those who have an open mind (or are already fans of the category), I hope you'll stay with me through what will hopefully be a smooth and straightforward post about the least smooth and least straightforward category of cinema that has ever and probably will ever exist, a category that you'll probably know is my absolute favourite. If you've paid attention to any of the content we publish anywhere, you'll probably have seen my incredibly unsubtle promotion of experimentalism. I've forced Chloe to watch Mulho
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Being Different: Edward Scissorhands and Asperger's

  Hello, reader, it's Jay again. It's been quite a while since I last wrote here, I've been surprisingly busy, considering lockdown is still in place! One of the things I have been doing is trying to organise our new YouTube show, Kino Introducing, the first episode of which comes out today, so go and take a look at that on our YouTube channel! This subject is very close to my heart, so I thought putting it on our blog was almost of paramount importance! You may have seen the advertising for our last open conversation, which was about Tim Burton's 1990 classic, Edward Scissorhands . The conversation was about the film in general, but we focussed on its link to Asperger's for a section of the event in celebration of international Asperger's day, which is today (February 18th)! I wanted to share some of the things we talked about and my interpretation, as I feel it is something that people might have an interest in and, really, it is a way of seeing this film that

Music for Life: A Strangely Philosophical Discussion About Film Scores

Hello, reader! Firstly, happy new year, may this one be kinder to us all! Secondly, welcome back to Kino's Collective Thoughts. Today, I am going to talk to you about film soundtracks, specifically scores, those pieces of music that compliment everything that's going on on-screen (unless you're watching a crazy arthouse film). Essentially, I'll be having a passionate conversation with myself about why I love film music and what it does to me (and probably to you) in and outside of films.  So, let's turn this up to eleven and get a move on! The Emotional Amplifier: Music in Films I'm going to make the bold assumption that everyone reading this has seen E.T. (or at least seen this scene). If you haven't, let me explain this picture's context here and then I'll give some substitutes for those who haven't yet had the privilege of crying over an alien that looks like an overcooked sausage.  Music in film is used for very specific reasons. The main on

Is Die Hard a Christmas Film?

Hello Reader, this is Chloe. As the Christmas season is approaching fast, there is the inevitable question of what to get your friends and family for Christmas (there's only so many golf shirts you can by a Dad, and I surpassed that last year...) and the stress of decorating the tree (it is a stressful endeavour in a family of perfectionists). But one thing that is never a question, is how to relax- its obvious isn't it- fluffy socks, a warm fire and, of course, a Christmas film. I will happily sit and watch the same Christmas movies each year, mug of hot chocolate in my hand, without shame- The Grinch, A Christmas Carol, It's A Wonderful Life- you get the picture. Despite this, every year, the same debate appears on the internet, and I try to shake the nagging feeling that I watch the film and and make up an opinion, yet I never have... So this year, I took action.   It's a debate I'm sure you're all aware of and most likely want to see the end of- Is Die Hard

Forming the CHAIN: How My Short Film Came to Be.

  Hello, reader, it's Jay again. This time talking about something a lot more personal and quite a bit more local - my short film, CHAIN !  The first thing I want to say is that if you haven't seen it already, I'd greatly appreciate the support and that this article is going to be a massive collection of spoilers right from the get-go! So, here is the link, just in case! With that being said, from here on out, I am going to be spoiling everything (that doesn't ruin the mystery!) Conception I'll start right at the very beginning, which has often proved to be the very best place to start (ironically not in CHAIN!) I actually found the seed that grew into this film around this time last year, just as the weather was getting cold and people start to walk the streets with their heads down and hands in their pockets. As someone who always has stories forming in their head, situations